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Pod Luck  by  Helen Weston

Pod Luck by Helen Weston
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A little book with big science and a bite size taste of philosophy. Following a visiting alien through many whacky adventures as a secret tourist in the UK.SynopsisPod Luck demonstrates a new and updated version of our solar system and universe with all of the science based on recent facts that have been discovered since the Hubble telescope, Voyager probe, Cassini Spacecraft and the particle accelerator (CERN).Taking a light-hearted and humorous but critical perspective concerning the notion of what it is to be human. Also the use and abuse of language for comical purposes is continued throughout and aims to demonstrate some of the idiosyncrasies and complexities of the English language itself.Also offering a few samples of philosophy and a micro-bite of critical theory which are not essential to the understanding of any plot or story line and easy to read through.The main philosophical content refers to the quotation used at the beginning of each chapter.

The concept or notion is then translated through the characters actions and dialogue within the text. The additional philosophical content is more obscure with only a reference made to the philosopher concerned. This more subtle injection of philosophy is only there as an extra for any reader who wishes to indulge.If the philosophical subject matter within Pod Luck can prompt critical and free thought that can ease some of the mental pains of living and give the reader a laugh then it will indeed be the best of fortunes to gain for myself and technically agreeable as far as philosophy is concerned.

Studying philosophy certainly helped me learn to deal with life and accept my existence in this crazy but beautiful world. Hopefully, these books have the potential to make the subject of philosophy a little less serious and somewhat intimidating for many, so therefore, dare I say, fun and more approachable for all who have an interest.

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